EXIMLAB (Export-Import Laboratory) is a consulting firm, a partner of Acıbadem Labvital Food Testing Laboratories, located in Istanbul, Turkey. We assist Turkish food companies to comply with U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and export their food products to North America (USA and Canada). All food products that are offered to sell on a foreign market have to comply with a specific regulation. Our export specialist provides import and export guidance on country specific legislation. Our food testing laboratory offers food testing service according to imported country regulations. For example, we test food products according to U.S. FDA regulations for the food product intended to be sold in United States of America.

We consult on global logistics, offer workshops and training tailored to your export business needs. Our export and import team has experience on assisting Turkish food companies to export USA, Canada, Mexico and EU member countries. Please ask about our references.


EximLab assists Turkish Food companies to comply with the U.S. FDA export regulations. EximLab is not affiliated with the U.S. FDA.